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Somnath - Provide Complete Information of Somnath Tourism with Somnath Attractions and Sightseeing with Travel Guide for Somnath Tourism. Somnath is the famous temple of God Shiva located near Veraval in Suarastra. It is on the western coast of Gujarat state. Somnath temple has one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Somnath in Famous Tourist Places are Panch Pandav Gufa, Bhalka Tirth, Triveni Ghat, Prabhas Patan Museum and Religious Place is Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple, Lakshminarayan Temple, Old Somnath Temple, Kamnath Mahadev Temple, Gita Mandir, Parshuram Temple, Suraj Mandir and various other places across the state. The temple is believed to have appeared first in gold, at the behest of the moon-god, next in silver, created by the sun-god, a third time in wood at the command of Krishna, and finally in stone, built by Bhimdeva. The present temple is 7 th temple built in the same style.
Old Somnath Temple is an ancient temple enshrining the sacred Shivlinga, one of the 12 Shiva Jyotirlingas. It is located on the shore of Arabian Sea. Mythological evidences put the foundation of this temple by Soma, the Moon. This temple was constructed by the moon and dedicated to Shiva (Somnath) as the moon got reprieve from the curse of Daksha at this place. This temple was destroyed many times by Muslim invaders and the first was by Mahmud Gazni in 1026 AD and the last time by Mughal emperor Aurangaseb in 1706. The temple was later renovated in 1950. The temple has a high tower of about 50 m height over the main sanctum. The ruins of the ancient temples are seen nearby. Placed at the extreme southwest Arabian Coast in Sourashtra, Somnath town encloses a serene beach, few streets and a bus stand. It is believed that Somnath is located at a place where the holy River Saraswathy flows into the Sea.

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